Manufacturing and Quality Control

Our manufacturing unit for absorbent cotton and gauze dressings currently has an installed production capacity of 37.5 tons/month. All our products will be manufactured under license from the FDCA, Gujarat and CDSCO (India) as per the Medical Device Rules, 2017. Products will be tested as per Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP) and British Pharmacopoeia (BP) standards.

R&D and New product development

At Curitex Medical we believe that the future of healthcare will be determined by organizations that:

  • foster multidisciplinary medical device innovation and
  • have an unwavering focus on creation of technologies that maximize patient outcomes.

We are partnering with leading institutions of national repute, and private organizations. Below are key our key areas of interest and we invite organizations interested in working with us to reach out:

  • In-Licensing of technology or products that fit our strategic roadmap
  • Joint ventures with private entities looking to enter the Indian market
  • R&D collaborations with academic institutions or national centers of excellence

We are equipped with a state of the art lab that is constantly being upgraded.

Contract Manufacturing

Our expertise lies in the manufacture of absorbent wound dressings (classified by the CDSCO as a Class A medical device). We invite organizations that have marketing forte, but lack the manufacturing capacity or expertise, to engage with us.