Surgical Cotton Bandages
Surgical Cotton Bandages are 100% safe to use and soft cotton rolls provided with maximum softness and smooth surface. They are easy to use during medical surgery as they come with highly absorbent properties. 
Cotton Wool
These Cotton Wools are made of 100% pure cotton and soft fiber that is used for medical or cosmetic purposes. They are provided in white color without any dust and dirt with smooth texture to provide the best to the clients.
Cotton Roll
High-grade, white colored and super absorbing Cotton Rolls are available for meeting the demands of medical sector. They are provided in different packaging units and quantities in brown packets for keeping them safe against dust.
Roller Bandage
For carefully covering the wounds and injuries, these Roller Bandages are one of the perfect options. They keep the wounds protected and penetrate air to keep them safe.
Gamjee Roll
These Gamjee Rolls are available with or without interleaved in brown paper to keep them safe against dirt and dust.
Cotton Bale
These high-grade Cotton Bales are available in sterile, clean and smooth texture with excellent absorption features. They are provided in soft texture to be used on sensitive skin without any irritation.